Woundworks as Ekare’s European distributor for inSight

By December 19, 2017Publication

eKare Inc., a provider of digital wound management platform, announces partnership with Netherlands-based Woundworks. eKare Inc., developed the inSight 3D wound camera, which ensures a standardized and validated wound measurement in an easy to use application, and is used in post-acute and research institutions across the US. Woundworks has an extensive European network and expertise developing and marketing products in the wound care space. This partnership will jointly develop the European market to provide integrated wound care services, including care management, product supplies, home health, and workflow optimization to healthcare providers and patients.

Woundworks and its affiliated companies are the market leader in wound management services to major health plans in the Netherlands. Through novel delivery models and data-driven approaches, they have successfully lowered direct costs to payers by an average of 30% and reduced wound related hospitalizations by 45%.

“As an organization fully dedicated to improving wound care, we have been looking for a high quality 3D imaging solution for years. We believe that an easy to use, standardized way of 3D wound measurement is key in improving wound care,” says Kok van der Meij, CEO and founder of Woundworks, Excen, and QualityZorg. “Woundworks has a lot of expertise and experience concerning wound care products, advanced wound care, wound care protocols, and utilizing data analytics to improve outcome. The eKare solution provides unambiguous, comparable, and reproducible data on wound healing progress. Partnering with eKare fits very well with our vision and helps us to innovate and grow to new heights.”

“Woundworks brings a new level of service and management that will disrupt the wound care industry. We are proud to be a long-term partner of the company. We look forward to growing this relationship and helping the medical community improve outcomes and lower cost,” Patrick Cheng, CEO of eKare, remarks.

About eKare

eKare Inc. is dedicated to the design and development of wound assessment solutions, including 3D wound dimensions and tissue classification capabilities, using the latest computer-vision and mobile technology. eKare’s innovative technology is creating new possibilities in how we deliver wound care across the healthcare continuum, from inpatient hospital and skilled nursing facilities to ambulatory clinics and telemedicine. eKare’s mission is to advance the science and delivery of wound care by leveraging mobile and sensor technologies to connect patients, providers, and industry.


About Woundworks

Woundworks is a new company founded and backed by institutions with many years of experience in the field of wound care. Woundworks and its affiliated companies have been very successful in the wound care field and are now combining their strengths to expand their product offering in the European market. Woundworks will distribute the inSight 3D Wound imaging solution throughout Europe and will combine this with different segments of its own products and business lines; ensuring that patients all over Europe can receive the best possible wound care.


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