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Woundworks innovative technology is creating new possibilities and insight in the quality of wound care for clinicians, physicians and medical professionals in home care nursing.

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Standardizing care and research, one wound at a time.
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Benefits for
medical specialists

Standardized and accurate 3D measurements guarantee reliable and objective results to base medical decisions on. It helps you to keep track of type of wounds, the kind of treatment and which products you use. This data combined give you the insight you need to improve the quality of wound care.

Benefits for
home care

Woundworks inSight ensures that all the patient’s treatment information is accessible for every nurse visiting the patient. This not only reduces the risk of mistakes but it also saves precious time, which could be spent on the patient. The standardized and accurate 3D measurements guarantee objective and reliable results to give you a an honest insight in the quality of your wond care. You can compare data between your different locations through real time dashboards to make data driven adjustments to your protocols to improve the quality of your care.

inSight 3D wound measurement device

Woundworks inSight® delivers the most advanced wound assessment capability to you as a simple mobile app. Obtain full 3D wound measurement and tissue composition within seconds at the point of care.

The possibilities with inSight®

inSight Wound Measurement Results: displays 3D wound measurements, wound bed compositions, wound orientation, as well as the image quality.

3D Wound Measurement & Tissue Composition

Get accurate 3D wound dimensions and
tissue composition directly on a mobile
app within seconds.

inSight Wound Documentation: allows for full documentation of wound assessment, including peri-wound skin, wound margin, odor, exudate, tunneling, undermining, and other clinical information.

Comprehensive Wound Documentation


Streamline your documentation process
through automation and
intuitive UI.

inSight Wound Summary: displays patient's wound status in a dashboard. Contains information on 3d wound measurements, healing rates, and wound bed compositions.

Telehealth Platform


Securely share and analyze data on a
common platform to improve wound care
coordination and clinical outcome.

inSight certifications: CE-mark, ISO-certified, HIPAA-compliant