The cornerstone of research is data.
More specifically, data that is Accurate, Reproducible, and Secure.

Until recently, Primary or Secondary Endpoints in wound research have largely been based on time-to-closure or overall area reduction. Recent studies have begun to analyze volumetric changes and the progression of tissue composition. To date, this level of technology is beyond the scope of many projects due to prohibitive costs. inSight® by Woundworks removes such limitations, delivering a new means for robust research data collection in 3D.

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eKare inSight 3D Wound Measurement for wound research
  • Accurate, reproducible 3D wound measurement
  • Tissue Classification Module
  • In-app consent and signature processing
  • Flexible multi-site and multi-user administration
  • Convenient data export for analysis
  • Smart Trace capability for autoamtic wound border delineation
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant cloud database
  • Real-time feedback on imaging and measurement quality
  • 21 CFR11 compliance
  • Full line of service, including protocol planning, review, implementation, and support

Accuracy and Reproducibility

inSight® uses the latest computer vision technology to quickly and accurately generate 3D reconstruction of a wound. The system delivers highly reliable 3D wound measurement with <5% error up to ±1mm.

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Streamlined Data Collection

Built on the mainstream mobile platform, inSight® offers an intuitive user experience requiring minimal training. Role-based access control provides efficient multi-site and multi-user administration.

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eKare inSight 3D Wound Measurement for wound research - Dashboard
eKare's HIPAA compliant wound management platform

Data Security and Integrity

Every Woundworks device comes with access to our secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud database. The entire Woundworks platform is 21 CRF Part 11 compliant to maximize data integrity with full audit trail.

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inSight has the accuracy for clinical trials, particularly for models where we are really looking for tiny changes.
It allows us to measure wounds the same way every time… no matter who the user is.

Dr. Thomas E. Serena, CEO & Medical Director, Serena Group, Inc.

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